guerrilla style


A few of my friends and housemates have pretty high energy and innovative potential. The corner lot across the street from our House of Cambria last summer served the dual purpose of trash lot and storage for illicit substances that were being sold across the street. We were pretty happy last week when a city bulldozer came and cleaned it up… making it a perfect lot to reclaim. I thankful for my people that have this kind of vision.

Heres some of what some of the process  (maybe you can try it yourself):
– Threw a bunch of gravel down to help stop weeds (donated from the roofing company next door… don’t know why they had it)
– Got a bunch of truckloads of compost and mulch from Fairmount Park recycling center (its still free, if you have a closed bed truck or roofed car… trucks will get sent away w/ only a small amount)
– Got some 2×6 lumber donated, cut it up and made framed raised beds, painted it w/ leftover paint.
– Canvassed the neighbors looking for willing workers who would want to help care for a small flower or vegetable bed.
–  Invited folks out to for some spring planting, painting, and fun.

Extreme painting!

Extreme painting!

More likely to eat broccoli when home grown?

More likely to eat broccoli when home grown?

Spring flowers!

Spring flowers!

Future plans involve a possible fence and more access to water. We’ve got a permit to use the fire hydrant next to it and will probably just occasionally fill up a 55 gallon barrell w/ a spicket which, giving easy water access.

I recognize the irony of writting about gardening on a 60 degree spring day… hope you get a chance to be outside today.

– joel b.


One Response to “guerrilla style”

  1. aferich Says:

    i love those kids and the lady. they are so cute. the brassicas look great. they are definately going to eat that broccoli when it forms. Don’t douse it in cheese for them, try some lemon juice if they don’t just chaw down on it bunny style.

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