Yes, this Saturday, April 18th, the Urban Farm Team is having a work day at two of our sites: Frankford Ave.  and Germantown. There will be people out all day, but we organizing two “shifts”, 9-12pm and 1-4pm.  If you can bring your own tools, especially a shovel, please do (labelled with your name on it).

The Frankford Ave. site is between Lehigh Ave. and Huntingdon. Contact Sarah Mueller ( for more details.

The Germantown site (the future farm!) is on 215 E. Penn St. 19144. Contact Amanda Staples ( for more details. Wanna carpool out there? Contact me (Joel) at I need a ride and Im sure some other folks might too.

Here is some more about the Germantown site, from Amanda:
Matt and I will be outside from 9-5 or later, so feel free to come anytime from 9 on, even if you haven’t talked to us.
If you have a tool of any kind (shovels, rakes, picks, etc) bring it with you and put your name on it.
A general list of things to do could include:
clearing/raking brush that covers almost the entire 1/2 acre lot.
picking up trash from our lot and the one next door
digging garden beds
sorting rubble
pulling stumps
clearing vines
Even if you just want to swing by and see it and can’t help out, that’d be great too. We are excited to show you around and hear any ideas you might have.
Again, the address is 215 E Penn st. Please email me ( or call me at 610 505 4881 for directions/rides/bike routes/train info, or just show up.
Thanks again.



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