Hey internet world, Joel posting again. Our team had a successful experimental work day where crews came out to work at the Germantown (future) farm and the Frankford Ave. space… about 15 people shoveling, swinging picks, cleaning, weeding etc. on a beautiful sunny day in the mid 70s. Pictures to come soon. In the meantime, here are some things I have been trying…

i got kind of ambitious this year and wanted to start all my plants from seeds. it hasnt been a total failure, but a little more patience and planning would have done me well. no, not all seeds want to be started 8 weeks before the last frost date indoors. some will get too big if you start them that early, ive found out. i decided to not go with the window sill for starting them and use the flourescent light ficture that dane gave me to start sprouts, which they all loved. so now i have a whole bunch of squash, zucs and tomatoes bursting at the seams and waiting to be planted. saturday is supposed to be 85 and i am slowing aclimating them each day by leaving them outside during the day so i can get them in the ground by then. well see if my ambition to get them planted as early as possible is worth it. the eggplants and cuces seem about the right size to go out in about a week or two, when i think they should.

compost tea…
is a natural fertilizer you can make by filling a bucket or whatever w/ 1/3 compost and the rest w/ water. let it sit for about a week and then strain it into a container. you should then dilute it with 1 part compost tea, 3-4 parts water because it will be too nitrogen rich for your seedlings or plants by itself. last year it seemed to make them happy when i sprayed a little on them a few times a week. its supposed to be good to spray on leaves too.

i got this idea from Phil at the philly orchard project. basically a way of intermixing a bunch of cool weather crops into a crazy garden mix. its not too late to try it. go out to the garden and throw out a bunch of lettuce, beet, radish, carrot, mescalin in a patch and cover them with a little dirt and just let them grow wild. the idea is to use the space intensively, maximizing yield and minimizing space for weeds to grow. crops should grow at a rate that they will not interfere with each other and be able to be harvested at different points. you can also add peas, beans, shallots, leeks, arugula and swiss chard. i just didnt have those seeds. this is a first try for me, so ill let you know how it goes. might not be the best if you think youll have a hard time recognizing them as they come up.

thats all for now. peace to you.


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  1. andrea Says:

    hey there. i love it. . . .

    we just started collecting the poop from our bunny rabbits. its supposed to be super great. let me know if anybody over there wants a bunny, we are going to birth some bunnies soon. . . . (they’re super cute lop-ears).

  2. Vanessa Says:

    Me encanto leer acerca del jardin en el cual tu participas. I am just amazed how much talented people God has giving us at Esperanza.

    In HIS name,

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