Turn And Face the Strange


Three kids-an older brother, a middle sister and a little brother from the neighborhood came around the Frankford Avenue garden Tuesday evening. Dan graciously gave them a thorough tour, a few turnips with greens and some wee li’l baby carrots. I just gave them some water.

“Well, it changes everyday, you just have to look close.” I heard Dan tell the group. I didn’t snap any shots of the kids or look real close, but here are some pictures of some new stuff in the garden.

turnipsHere are some of the turnips I mentioned earlier. Dan’s been talking up a recipe he heard from Mike-with-the-cookies. It goes like this, saute some thin-sliced turnips (save the greens) in orange juice, not too much, just so they are al dente, turn off the heat and toss the chopped greens on top of the turnips and mix them in-they’ll wilt a little and brighten up. Dan wants to gussy it up a little with some lemon thyme (pictured below). I’m thinking a little cayenne or crushed red pepper, some poached eggs, whole wheat toast and mint jelly. Of course, nearly all recipes benefit from butter.


We’ve also seen our first sunflowers.


The grapes are starting to pop out; at the moment we have two bunches (with Day Lilies).




The anisette (with Rachel legs) is starting to flower nicely. These pretty purple flowers will get to be about six or seven inches long. The leaves of this plant taste like licorice; they can be used to flavor tea, cookies, cakes and other stuff.


And finally, our blue friend, broccoli.


Come by, take a look, give a hand.


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