There’s a New Compost Bin in Town


Dan has been wanting to build a new compost bin for some time. About a week and a half ago, this (below) is about as far as we got in a couple of hours with some pieces-parts “one-by’s” and some old half-rotten joists. We tried, but it was wonky to say the least.


A great group of people from Lancaster County spent their forth of July working in our garden on Frankford Avenue. They brought some tools and a couple of carpenters. Dan told them what he wanted, and they grabbed their tools and got busy. They leveled and squared our work.


Grant pictured above with saw and pencil. These guys measured twice and cut once!


The walls just went right up. That is Johnny B above and below with screws.


Dan monitored their progress closely.


These guys were really good to us, they even went to the lumber yard and bought lumber to finish the job. They built dividing walls, making three compost compartments. Each section had its own hinged lid and front door that slides up and out when the compost is ready. It’s real uptown stuff, like a compost hotel.


The moment of truth; Dan busted out the level to make sure it was plumb.


Yep, everything was perfect. Dan and I were marveled by these guys’ skills. Grant and Johnny B were also  excited that they  were able to finish it in one day’s work. It was a tall order.


They managed a well deserved squat in the shade. They got a little blurry from all the action in the sun. Thanks again guys, this is really big!


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