Sunrise, Sunset


Here are some pictures Dan took of the dawn sky as seen from the garden.



I like the shoes, nice touch Dan.


And alas, La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre bathed in the morning light.


The “Virgin of Charity” is tucked away in a quiet and orderly section in the back of the garden, yet she is visible from the front gate, as a welcome into the garden. Here is her story if you would like to read more about her.


One Response to “Sunrise, Sunset”

  1. Dan Surmiak Says:

    It’s important to realize that La Virgen also represents an African deity, or orisha. Here’s something from the same web-site: “Believers of Santería place their faith in the orishas. The orishas are not as powerful or as omnipotent as their predominant God, Olodumare, or Olorun. Olorun is the source of ashe, the spiritual energy that makes up the entire universe, all life and all things material. The orishas are the spirits or gods that interact with humans by controlling nature and attending to the daily needs of the religion’s followers. They are approachable and can be counted on to come to the aid of followers by guiding them to a better life, materially as well as spiritually. In other words, they are emissaries of God. Furthermore, each orisha possesses a distinct personality. Communication between orishas and humankind is accomplished through ritual, prayer, divination and offerings (ebo).

    Depending on the particular orisha that they wish to please, santeros use certain colors and certain animals and play particular drumbeats during their rituals. The music is of great importance because it helps to coax the orisha into “mounting” or possessing the priest. As the particular orisha mounts the priest, the priest’s body dances the dance emblematic of that orisha. Later in the ceremony, people’s questions are answered, the spirit decrees that a specific command will be obeyed, or that an animal sacrifice must occur.”

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