Self-Sown Stuff


We just harvested a lot of cilantro which finally sprouted & grew from last year’s crop, some of which I let go to seed, then scattered earlier in the summer. I love self-sown crops. Besides cilantro, there’s also bok choi, arugula & a good hot purple mustard that have established themselves — even some lettuce still growing from last year’s seeds.

And there’s always wild tomatoes — we’re ripening the last of those now. Flowers too — verbena still blooming, & orange cosmos. Next year I expect to see lots more gaillardia, & the zinnias we planted for a wedding. The four-o’clocks come back year after year as well, ditto the perennial flax, corn-flowers, other stuff. Hollyhocks have become a bad weed. The anise hyssop would probably try to take over large areas if we let it.

No frost yet. Garlic will go in the ground in the next few days, & we’ll sow winter rye in some of the beds. Looking forward to next year…

Dan S.


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