a note on the puttering reflex…


sunny rose hip

Gardening is a human being’s most efficient means for reviving the ability to co-communicate with plants. This ability is systematically developed by the reawaking and refining of one’s innate “puttering reflex.”
The puttering reflex is triggered automatically the instant you step into your garden. Since the event of your last appearance in the garden, the resident plants have been growing and anticipating your return, and they will have a variety of organic details they would appreciate that you attend to.
Upon reentering the garden, you sense this intuitively, and in classic reflexive fashion—which seems almost involuntarily performed—you start tending immediately to the salient project nearest at hand. The perpetuation of the reflex loop is automatic as you hear the plants’ requests and respond, hear and respond, hear and respond throughout the garden community. In short time, this “puttering” process shifts gears into enchantment, graceful movements, shameless humming, deliberate creativity, full on joy, and non-resistance to total participation in the well-being of you innate health. Time ceases to exist along with the sidecar full of pressures that habitually ride with time in your life. Garden puttering is a mild form of trance that you enter, and when you come out of this green space, both you and the garden are emotionally and physically transformed. It is ambrosial adventure that enhances your immune system and tones your nervous system. Concurrently, the circulatory system is caressed by your complete disconnection with all time-related stress; the five senses are acutely activated; and like your muscles when enjoyably exercised, the more you us them, in turn, the more pleasure they give you. So, be well, putter forth, and play with the faeries.
The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual
By James Green




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One Response to “a note on the puttering reflex…”

  1. Dan S. Says:

    Thanks for the post. The garlics told me yesterday that they’re looking forward to a snow-mulch. I am too.

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