About Us

Who we are

A group that aims to resurrect dead or forgotten space in the city and make it life-giving to its neighborhood through intensive vegetable (and some fruit) gardening that is educational, reuses trash materials that litter our streets, provides food for neighborhood families, and simply makes things more beautiful.

What we do

  • We continue to develop and maintain the Frankford Avenue Park, the first staging ground for our beautification and gardening plans
  • Recently incorporated in 2008 is an Orchard Project on D and Cambria Sts. in Kensington. The goal of this site is to explore possiblities in urban permaculture and fruit and berry growing, as well as provide an educational and recreational space for youth. 
  • Our ultimate goal is to build and sustain a small farm in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. This vision has recently been started through the purchasing of half an acre of land in Germantown by two of our leaders.

Please feel free to contact us

Leaders/organizers of farm team, and future Germantown farm site:
Amanda Staples: amandastapes@gmail.com
Matthew McFarland: mmcfarland@gmail.com

Leaders/organziers of Frankford Ave. Park:
Sarah Mueller: sarahlmueller@gmail.com
Rachel Summerlot: thayloos@gmail.com

Leader/organizer of D St. Orchard:
Joel McIntosh: joel.mci@gmail.com


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